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Risk Management Is Our Profession

When you call on CM Houlder Insurance Brokers Limited (HIB), you are tapping into a vast pool of risk management skills, as well as a diversified and dynamic range of insurance services and solutions.  We are ready to serve all organisations, large or small, as well as the needs of individuals.

Strong Foundations
HIB’s insurance roots date back to the mid-19th century to the Houlder brother’s shipping and insurance broking business in London.  Since then, there has been an inextricable link between the insurance broking and shipping businesses which is why HIB has become one of the world’s major marine brokers.


In 1988, the Houlder insurance business was acquired by China Merchants Group, a major Chinese state enterprise with assets totalling over RMB 390 billion in 2012, becoming the first international insurance broker to be owned by a Chinese state enterprise and remains the only Chinese-owned Lloyd’s broker.


The four broking companies of CM Houlder Group (Houlder), along with its sister company, Houlder Insurance Services in the United Kingdom, are now the insurance broking business within the finance arm of China Merchants Group.  Employing over 250 staff members, the Group has broking offices in:


Hong Kong








In Hong Kong, CM Houlder Insurance Brokers Limited has become one of the city’s top five registered insurance broking firms.  In November 2000, Houlder China Insurance Brokers Limited became the first international broker to be authorized by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and offices were opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.  With successful business development, a subsidiary, CM Houlder Insurance Brokers F.E. (Shanghai) Company Limited, was formed in June 2005.  It carried an unrestricted insurance brokering license which enables it to perform business transactions in every province of China for all lines of direct and reinsurance business (including life insurance).

Global Diversification
From its humble beginnings and growing as a globally recognized major marine insurance broker, Houlder has successfully expanded into the non-marine broking sectors in order to meet our clients’ diverse insurance needs.  Our integrity and professionalism have earned us an excellent reputation in the international insurance market and we now deliver risk management and insurance solutions for almost any imaginable risk, which includes employee benefits and reinsurance.
Innovators of Risk Solutions for the Future
The pool of experience, expertise and professionals in Houlder is able to meet the ever-changing demand for professional services and risk management skills.  Our reliable services and solution-oriented ideas meet our clients’ insurance needs now and in the future.  We care because insurance is our business.
Close Partnerships
In Houlder, you are our partner in progress.  When you entrust Houlder with any risk transfer enquiries, you have in hand a pool of experts equipped with comprehensive insurance knowledge and solutions.  We serve you through our worldwide contacts with insurance solution tailor-made for each client.
Areas Covered
Risk Management - our clients’ business risks are analyzed and the degree of insurance is then identified and agreed. The ensuing risk solutions eliminate or reduce to a manageable level the negative consequences.
Insurance Consultancy and Placement - for the identified risk transfers,we would work with reputable insurers to achieve a cost effective,yet comprehensive policy wording to ensure the widest possible policy coverage for our clients. Our ever present on going support enables our client to cope with the ever-changing business and social environment.
Claim Services - in the event of losses,we take the lead in negotiating prompt claims settlements,especially on the more complex cases.

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