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◆ Risk Management – Our aim is to minimise your risk exposure and to manage that process at a minimal cost to your business through the right balance of self-insurance and risk transfer.
◆ Employee Benefits – With employee benefits being an integral part of an employee’s remuneration package and an increasing cost to an employer, we help to ensure that the programme you put into place is a cost effective tool to attract and retain talent.
◆ Insurance Consultancy – Where part or all of the solutions lie in insurance, we will take the lead in formulating a comprehensive policy wording and to set and adjust the appropriate level of coverage and excesses to match the ever-changing business conditions and environment.
◆ Claim Services – In the event of a claim, our task is to bring about fair and timely settlement.  We would ensure that your claims are properly presented and fully documented to minimise delays.
◆ Our risk analysis and management measures are aimed at:
-  avoiding duplication and gaps in coverage;
-  aligning insurance essentials to legal requirements, catastrophe protection and commercial necessity.
◆ We design insurance program that meet and exceed local requirements and standards.
◆ Through our own local offices and those of our worldwide network partners, we are able to provide global solutions.
◆ We have the expertise in local policy wordings, insurance programme administration workflow, and specific claim procedure.
Our team of professionals is able to provide assistance on different types of insurance services including:
◆ Risk assessment.
◆ Insurance program design and placement.
◆ Program administration.
◆ Regular services including claims review and analysis, staff briefing sessions, and claim re-assessment services.
◆ Special programs for institutions, associations and professional bodies.
◆ Solutions for the individual and all the way up to the largest of corporations.
◆ We have a dedicated team of solution oriented claims professionals
◆ Claims are monitored from start to finish with guidance and advice on claims documents preparation and submission.
◆ A claims manual is provided for reference and can be supplemented by claims seminars.
◆ Timely interventions are made to expedite settlement.
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